Lisa Hajjar

Lisa Hajjar is chair of the Law and Society Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara and an editor of this magazine.

Articles by this Writer Published
The Afterlives of Torture MER 283 (Summer 2017)
Israel as Innovator in the Mainstreaming of Extreme Violence MER 279 (Summer 2016)
Slahi, Guantanamo Diary MER 275 (Summer 2015)
The Long Shadow of the CIA at Guantanamo MER 273 (Winter 2014)
What About ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Awlaqi? 06.29.2014
Postcard from Guantánamo 06.17.2014
State of the Drones 02.13.2013
Anatomy of the US Targeted Killing Policy MER 264 (Fall 2012)
Bagram, Obama’s Gitmo MER 260 (Fall 2011)
Getting It Wrong in Guantánamo 11.23.2010
Travesty in Progress 07.26.2010
Grave Injustice 06.24.2010
American Torture MER 251 (Summer 2009)
Israel’s Military Court System Is the Model to Avoid 10.28.2007
The Power of The Guantánamo Bar Association 06.29.2006
Torture and the Lawless “New Paradigm” 12.09.2005
Banning Torture Affirms America’s Humanity 11.19.2005
Samih Farsoun MER 236 (Fall 2005)
Torture and the Future 05.15.2004
From Nuremberg to Guantánamo MER 229 (Winter 2003)
The Makings of a Political Trial MER 225 (Winter 2002)
Problems of Dependency MER 214 (Spring 2000)
Between a Rock and a Hard Place MER 207 (Summer 1998)
Alternatives to an International Criminal Court MER 207 (Summer 1998)
(Re)Made in the USA MER 205 (Winter 1997)
War, Development and Identity Politics in Sudan MER 200 (Fall 1996)
Israel’s Interventions Among the Druze MER 200 (Fall 1996)
The Islamist Movements in the Occupied Territories MER 183 (July/August 1993)
Organizing Around the Uprising MER 155 (November/December 1988)
Palestine for Beginners MER 154 (September/October 1988)
Israel and the Palestinians, 1948-1988 MER 152 (May/June 1988)
Primer: Israel’s Military Regime MER 150 (January/February 1988)
International Human Rights Organizations and the Palestine Question MER 150 (January/February 1988)

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