Calling Erdogan’s Bluff on Palestine

Israel’s war in Gaza has animated Turkey’s longstanding political rivalries.

Palestine, Popular Will and Political Repression in Britain

On November 11, 2023, the largest demonstration in support of Palestinian rights in Britain’s history took place in London. People of all genders, ages, ethnicities and religions marched together from Hyde Park to the US Embassy in Vauxhall demanding a ceasefire in...

The Houthis’ ‘Sovereign Solidarity’ with Palestine

Since October 7, Yemen has made an unexpected return from the margins of global attention. The Houthi movement’s seemingly ad hoc seizure of shipping vessels in the Red Sea, which began in early November in response to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, quickly became a...

Palestine and the Limits of Permissible Protest in Jordan

Will recent demonstrations against the Gaza War threaten the regime?

From the Oil Weapon to Boycott, Mobilizing in Support of Palestine in the Gulf

50 years after the 1973 oil embargo, some Gulf citizens oppose normalization with their wallets.

The Egyptian Public and the War on Gaza

The government’s delicate balancing act around Palestine.

Reflections from the Present on the Future of Political Action for Palestine

Following October 7, 2023, the world has witnessed an unprecedented assault on Gaza and across historic Palestine. At the same time, these months have given rise to an unprecedented surge of global solidarity. New meanings and modes of struggle are animating public...

The Houthis’ ‘Sovereign Solidarity’ with Palestine

Situating the Red Sea campaign in Yemen’s past and present.

The Kurdish Women’s Movement and Turkey’s Transnational ‘Feminicide’

On January 9, 2023, thousands of demonstrators from across Europe gathered in Paris to participate in marches organized by Kurdish groups. Demonstrators were mourning a triple killing of Kurdish activists that occurred in Paris just two weeks before the march. The day...

Transnational Repression Against Exiled Women Activists

In Spring 2011, as the uprising against Bashar Al-Assad erupted in Syria, Sana, the daughter of Syrian exiles living in Canada, began engaging in online activism. Her support for the revolution rapidly gained traction among fellow Syrians and a widening global...

How a Tree Became a Voice—A Collective Reflection on the Iraqi Media Platform, Jummar

We launched the Iraqi independent media platform, Jummar, in October of 2022 with the goal of serving as “an independent Iraqi media initiative that seeks to pave the way for creative and ethical journalism in and about Iraq.”[1] The publication of this collective...

Reporting from Tunis

In the aftermath of the 2011 revolution, Tunisian journalist Bassam Bounenni published an article on the dissident digital news site, Nawaat. In it, he criticized the media’s practices under fallen dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben ‘Ali (1987-2011). For the media to play a...

India, Israel and the Coordination of Control

How Modi is weaponizing the ‘Israeli Experience’ to target dissent.

The Kurdish Women’s Movement and Turkey’s Transnational ‘Feminicide’

On the Turkish state’s targeting of dissidents abroad.

India, Israel and the Coordination of Control

Abdulla Moaswes 09.6.2023

How India weaponizes the ‘Israeli Experience’ to target dissent.

The AnthroBoycott Collective and Organizing Against Apartheid—An Interview with Daniel Segal and Jessica Winegar

What we can learn from the American Anthropological Association’s historic resolution.

Remembering Jamila Debbech Ksiksi—An Interview with the Late Tunisian Lawmaker and Anti-Racist Activist

Shreya Parikh 05.17.2023

On migrant’s rights and the legal struggle against racism in Tunisia.

An Anthem from the Iranian Protests

On September 27, 2022, Iranian musician Shervin Hajipour posted a song to his instagram compiled of tweets from Iranians detailing the reasons they are protesting. The song quickly went viral across social media. Within days of the video’s release, Shervin Hajipour had been arrested, and the original post was taken down. But like the Persian protest songs of the past, albeit in digital form, the video continues to circulate and resonate in digital and physical space. Zuzanna Olzsewska translates the song from Persian into English and discusses its significance amidst ongoing demonstrations in Iran. [Photo: Iranians protesting the death of Mahsa Amini on a street in Tehran, October 1, 2022. Getty Images.]

A Suggested Reading List on Settler Colonialism

To complement MERIP’s special issue on settler colonialism, this reading list includes books and articles that map the burgeoning field of settler colonial studies. Although the practices of theorizing, teaching and activism are entwined, we broke the list into sections to aid readers who wish to explore settler colonialism and decolonization from slightly different angles.


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