Summer/Fall 2023

Issue Editors: Hesham Sallam, Ayça Alemdaroğlu, Marc Owen Jones and Kevin Schwartz.

The Summer/Fall issue of Middle East Report started with a series of urgent questions: What does the increasingly transnational scale of repression mean for journalists and activists in the Middle East and North Africa and in diaspora? How do individuals and collectives give voice and visibility to the realities in which they live, write and organize in the face of ever more sophisticated attempts to silence them? How can we disentangle the cross-border web of surveillance technologies, Big Tech and authoritarian regimes?  To answer these questions, contributions move—from France to Tunisia, Palestine to Kashmir, Silicon Valley to the Gulf. The pieces in this issue trace the circulation of capital and knowledge through professional networks, international donors, diplomatic partnerships, legal frameworks, media platforms and activist struggles. They reveal how state repression is enabled and extended by coordination across borders, as technologies of surveillance and control are shared and refined to devastating effects. At the same time, they highlight how mediascapes and struggles for transformation respond to—and subvert—power in ways that make use of transnationalism, building platforms that creatively provide support to those targeted by repression and alliances that amplify calls for justice. 


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