Summer 2020

Issue Editors: Ayҫa Alemdaroğlu, Elif Babül, Arang Keshavarzian, Nabil Al-Tikriti

Kurdish politics in all its valences are a microcosm of Middle East politics. The ever-contested socio-political space of Kurdistan reveals the promises and limits of both desiring and undoing the modern nation-state framework. This issue explores the concrete social struggles that actualize Kurdistan in relation to a rich history, intersectional demands and the shifting political terrain of the twenty-first century. It captures a multiplicity of politics from the perspectives of agents as they deal with various domestic constituents, nation-states, political projects and geopolitics. Kurdish politics exhibit a plethora of engagements providing a glimpse into possible alternative ways of imagining nationhood, popular sovereignty and transnational politics. The politics of Kurdistan is not singular, nor is it only about the struggles of Kurds.

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