Sheila Carapico

Sheila Carapico is professor of political science and international studies at the University of Richmond and visiting professor at the American University in Cairo. She is a contributing editor of Middle East Report.

Articles by this Writer Published
Two Resolutions, a Draft Constitution and Late Developments 04.17.2015
The Breakdown of the GCC Initiative MER 273 (Winter 2014)
“You Can Watch the Circus from Your Couch” 05.06.2014
Seven Questions for Ammar Basha 04.16.2014
Patronizing Women 04.01.2014
Romancing the Throne 03.27.2014
Saudi Bullying of Qatar 03.13.2014
“Journalists Are the Eyes of the World” on Guantánamo 03.05.2014
Demonstrators, Dialogues, Drones and Dialectics MER 269 (Winter 2013)
The Laryngitic Dog 02.14.2013
A New Green Zone in Sanaa 01.01.2013
Condi-ist Manifesto 11.25.2012
Meanwhile, in Yemen… 03.06.2012
Ask Katy Perry 01.20.2012
No Exit 05.03.2011
Arming Yemen Against Al-Qaeda 01.21.2010
The Strategic Logic of the Iraq Blunder MER 239 (Summer 2006)
Forecasting Mass Destruction, from Gulf to Gulf 09.29.2005
Killing Live 8, Noisily 07.14.2005
The Death and Life of Jarallah Omar 12.31.2002
Euro-Med MER 220 (Fall 2001)
Yemen and the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army 10.18.2000
NGOs, INGOs, GO-NGOs and DO-NGOs MER 214 (Spring 2000)
Mission: Democracy MER 209 (Winter 1998)
Legalism and Realism in the Gulf MER 206 (Spring 1998)
From the Editors (Fall 1997) MER 204 (Fall 1997)
From Ballot Box to Battlefield MER 190 (September/October 1994)
Elections and Mass Politics in Yemen MER 185 (November/December 1993)
The Economic Dimension of Yemeni Unity MER 184 (September/October 1993)
Halliday, Revolution and Foreign Policy MER 179 (November/December 1992)
Women and Public Participation in Yemen MER 173 (November/December 1991)
Yemen: Unification and the Gulf War MER 170 (May/June 1991)
A Tale of Two Families MER 170 (May/June 1991)

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