Salim Tamari

Salim Tamari is director of the Institute for Jerusalem Studies and a contributing editor of this magazine.

Articles by this Writer Published
Anatomy of Another Rebellion MER 217 (Winter 2000)
Tourists with Agendas MER 196 (September/October 1995)
Fading Flags MER 194-195 (July/August 1995)
Left In Limbo MER 179 (November/December 1992)
How to Stop Shamir MER 175 (March/April 1992)
Eyeless in Judea MER 164-165 (May/June 1990)
The Uprising’s Dilemma MER 164-165 (May/June 1990)
What the Uprising Means MER 152 (May/June 1988)
“The People Have Refused to Back Down” MER 116 (July/August 1983)
Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue MER 111 (January 1983)
The 100-Year War MER 108 (September/October 1982)
“The Palestinian Demand for Independence Cannot Be Postponed Indefinitely” MER 100 (October-December 1981)

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