Miriam Rosen

Miriam Rosen was an editor of this magazine in the 1990s and is a Paris-based journalist who covers art and culture.

Articles by this Writer Published
“Images from Elsewhere” MER 180 (January/February 1993)
For Another Kind of Morocco MER 179 (November/December 1992)
Toward a World Literature? MER 163 (March/April 1990)
Constructing a Cinema of the City MER 160 (September/October 1989)
The Uprooted Cinema MER 159 (July/August 1989)
Recent Films MER 149 (November/December 1987)
Van den Berg, Stranger at Home MER 146 (May/June 1987)
Arab Cinema in Exile MER 136/137 (October-December 1985)
Hanna K. and Farah H. MER 124 (June 1984)
Visualizing History MER 120 (January/February 1984)

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