Martha Wenger

Martha Wenger was assistant editor of Middle East Report from 1982–1993. Following her departure from MERIP, Martha pursued an advanced degree in library science and, from 1998, she served as a librarian at the Washington International School in Washington, DC. She passed away in 2006.

Articles by this Writer Published
Jerusalem: A Primer MER 182 (May/June 1993)
Who Owns the News? MER 180 (January/February 1993)
Sudan: Politics and Society MER 172 (September/October 1991)
The US in the Persian Gulf MER 168 (January/February 1991)
Primer: The Food Gap in the Middle East MER 166 (September/October 1990)
US Aid to Israel MER 164-165 (May/June 1990)
The Money Tree MER 164-165 (May/June 1990)
Primer: Lebanon’s 15-Year War, 1975-1990 MER 162 (January/February 1990)
Turkey: A Primer MER 160 (September/October 1989)
Bad News for NATO MER 155 (November/December 1988)
More Deadly Than Tears MER 152 (May/June 1988)
Torture in Turkey MER 149 (November/December 1987)
Egypt: A Primer MER 147 (July/August 1987)
Recipe for an Israeli Nuclear Arsenal MER 143 (November/December 1986)
Black, Garrison Guatemala MER 141 (July/August 1986)
Getting to the War On Time MER 128 (November/ December  1984)
US Ready to Intervene in Gulf War MER 125/126 (July-September 1984)
ADL, Pro-Arab Propaganda in America MER 121 (January/February 1984)
US Aid to Israel MER 117 (September 1983)
AirLand Battle Doctrine MER 111 (January 1983)

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