Barbara Harlow

Barbara Harlow is professor of comparative literature at the University of Texas-Austin.

Articles by this Writer Published
Ian Lustick, Unsettled States, Disputed Lands MER 194-195 (July/August 1995)
An Interview with Usama Halabi MER 194-195 (July/August 1995)
Universalism and Solidarity MER 183 (July/August 1993)
Gulf War Journalism MER 180 (January/February 1993)
Gender and Political Change MER 173 (November/December 1991)
The Intellectuals and the War MER 171 (July/August 1991)
Cooke, War’s Other Voices MER 168 (January/February 1991)
Prison Text, Resistance Culture MER 164-165 (May/June 1990)
“We Discovered Our Nation When It Was Nearly No More” MER 162 (January/February 1990)
Mitchell, Colonising Egypt MER 159 (July/August 1989)
Hawi, Naked in Exile MER 142 (September/October 1986)
The Amazing Road MER 131 (March/ April 1985)

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