The Houthis’ ‘Sovereign Solidarity’ with Palestine

Since October 7, Yemen has made an unexpected return from the margins of global attention. The Houthi movement’s seemingly ad hoc seizure of shipping vessels in the Red Sea, which began in early November in response to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, quickly became a...

From the Oil Weapon to Boycott, Mobilizing in Support of Palestine in the Gulf

50 years after the 1973 oil embargo, some Gulf citizens oppose normalization with their wallets.

The Egyptian Public and the War on Gaza

The government’s delicate balancing act around Palestine.

The Houthis’ ‘Sovereign Solidarity’ with Palestine

Situating the Red Sea campaign in Yemen’s past and present.

Selling Normalization in the Gulf

Elham Fakhro 06.23.2021

When the UAE and Bahrain normalized their relations with Israel, the countries’ leaders justified their actions as beneficial to the Palestinian struggle for statehood. Elham Fakhro explains how this rationale quickly fell apart and shifted, revealing deeper economic and strategic goals. Fakhro also illuminates how the history of Gulf support for the Palestinians created a space for the diverse responses of civil society to the Abraham Accords.


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