American Jews

Awakening to the Politics of Israel—An Interview with Sonya Meyerson-Knox of Jewish Voice for Peace

In the context of Israel’s newly elected far-right government and ongoing censorship of Palestine in academia and social media, MERIP shares the second of a two-part series of interviews on changing American Jewish attitudes towards Israel and Zionism. In this interview, Lori Allen speaks with Sonya E Meyerson-Knox, Communications Director of Jewish Voice for Peace. They discuss the generational changes among American Jews, the role of social media and the increasing attention to intersectional organizing on the Jewish left.

Changing Attitudes towards Zionism among American Jews—An Interview with Zachary Lockman

Zachary Lockman speaks to Lori Allen about the history of Jewish support for Israel in the United States. They discuss Lockman’s views on the changing attitudes towards Zionism among American Jews over the course of the twentieth century and the new spaces for criticism that have emerged over the past twenty years. This is the first of a two-part series of interviews on the topic.


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