Middle East Report, “FootballPolitics and Passions,” Fall 2022, No. 304, Vol. 51 No. 3


Executive Director

Mandy Terc mandyterc@merip.org

Executive Editor

Katie Natanel katienatanel@merip.org

Managing Editor

Marya Hannun maryahannun@merip.org

Photo Editor

Michelle Woodward mwoodward@merip.org

Staff Editor

Michael Kaplan kaplan_m@gwu.edu

Website Assistant

Karisa Gingerich 

Social Media Coordinator

Khelil Bouarrouj


Board of Directors

Paul Silverstein (Board Chair) Reed College

Kaveh Ehsani DePaul University

Adam Hanieh University of Exeter

Vickie Langohr College of the Holy Cross

Shana Marshall George Washington University

Lee O’Brien Retired

Mary Sexton Consultant

Nabil Al-Tikriti University of Mary Washington

Mandy Terc MERIP Executive Director (ex officio)


Editorial Committee

Shana Marshall (Chair of the Editorial Committee) George Washington University

Nabil al-Tikriti (Vice-Chair of the Editorial Committee and MERO/Current Analysis Editor) University of Mary Washington

Ayça Alemdaroğlu Stanford University

Lori Allen SOAS University of London

Mona Atia George Washington University

Elif Babül Mount Holyoke College

Jessica Barnes University of South Carolina

Graham Cornwell George Washington University

Muriam Haleh Davis University of California, Santa Cruz

Lisa Hajjar University of California, Santa Barbara

Waleed Hazbun University of Alabama

Najib Hourani Michigan State University

Mohammad Ali Kadivar Boston College

Reinoud Leenders King’s College London

Pete Moore Case Western Reserve University

Curtis Ryan Appalachian State University

Jacob Mundy Colgate University

Atef Said University of Illinois at Chicago

Hesham Sallam Stanford University

Deen Sharp London School of Economics

Sophia Stamatopoulou-Robbins Bard College

Stacey Philbrick Yadav Hobart and William Smith Colleges


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"Issue 304 (Fall 2022) Masthead," Middle East Report 304 (Fall 2022).

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