At long last, after a few false starts and much gnashing of teeth, MERIP is entering the blogosphere.

The blog is intended to be what most blogs run by publications are: a place for our editors and writers to post short pieces of analysis or commentary on important issues in the public eye. We will also use the blog as a way to point readers to valuable material that appears elsewhere. The blog will start small, with just a few contributors, and we will see where it goes.

There will be no comments section, but feel free to send us your feedback in any of the old-fashioned ways.


How to cite this article:

Chris Toensing "Better Ten Years Late Than Never," Middle East Report Online, January 07, 2012.

For 50 years, MERIP has published critical analysis of Middle Eastern politics, history, and social justice not available in other publications. Our articles have debunked pernicious myths, exposed the human costs of war and conflict, and highlighted the suppression of basic human rights. After many years behind a paywall, our content is now open-access and free to anyone, anywhere in the world. Your donation ensures that MERIP can continue to remain an invaluable resource for everyone.


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