Managing News

In the Logic textbook that my students use there is a chapter entitled “Managing The News.” Henceforth your lead article “Power Structure of the American Media” (January-February 1993) will become obligatory reading. The guided tour by Joe Stork and Laura Flanders behind the media curtain is as shocking as it is educational. Thank you for the awakening; it was ruder than I anticipated.

Joseph A. Grispino
Orange, CA

Iraqi Nukes

Middle East Report is indispensable. I look forward to every issue for information not to be obtained generally. MER 180 is especially important with its focus on power and the media.

I would appreciate help with this question: Was Iraq so close to nuclear weaponry as to immediately threaten the world? CNN and other establishment media are giving major attention to this.

I am an activist peace worker and an article on this issue would help us a great deal. If you can refer to sources on this question, it would be useful.

Rubin Falk
Asheville, NC

The question you pose is a good one. We will be running an article on nuclear proliferation in the region, which will deal with the Iraqi case in a regional context. The best treatment to date has been a series of articles by Mark Hibbs and David Albright in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists over the last several years. Eds.

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"Managing News and Iraqi Nukes," Middle East Report 182 (May/June 1993).

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