Pete Moore


Pete Moore is associate professor of political science at Case Western Reserve University and an editor of Middle East Report.

Articles by this Author
Making Big Money on Iraq

Kuwait has its diwaniyyas, Yemen its qat chews. But for languorous trade in rumor, gossip and flashes of political insight, there is no substitute for chain-smoking and eating Iraqi masgouf.

At one of several...

The War Economy of Iraq

On May 26, 2003, L. Paul Bremer declared Iraq “open for business.” Four years on, business is booming, albeit not as the former head of the Coalition Provisional Authority intended. Iraqis find themselves at the center of a regional...

The Curious Case of Oil-Exporting Jordan

From time to time, the boring economic data regurgitated by Jordan’s amply staffed ministries offers up a tantalizing mystery. In the Monthly Statistical Bulletin (May 2004) published by the Central Bank of Jordan, for example, one learns...

QIZs, FTAs, USAID, and the MEFTA

Jordan is the poster child for the Bush administration project of “transforming” the political order in the Middle East through free trade. If Jordan is any guide, however, economic liberalization does not lead inexorably to the...

The Newest Jordan: Free Trade, Peace and an Ace in the Hole

Washington's Bahrain in the Levant

Despite sharing some of the socio-economic and political problems that propelled uprisings in other Arab countries, Jordan remains an exception to the trend. And if it can be kept that way, much of the world inside the Beltway will celebrate....

Guilty Bystanders

The Iran-Iraq war was fought entirely within the boundaries of the two combatant nations, but it was nonetheless a regional war. The war machine of Saddam Hussein’s regime was lubricated with billions of dollars in loans from the Arab oil...

Why Not Jordan?

The November 13 withdrawal of fuel and electricity subsidies has sparked vigorous demonstrations in Jordan, prompting...

Boom, Bust and Boom in Dubai

It’s easy to be critical of Dubai and its socioeconomic model.

The Arab Bank and Washington’s Protectorate in the Levant

One stated justification for US strikes in Syria and Iraq is to protect the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.