Parastou Hassouri


Parastou Hassouri, an Iranian-American, has lived in Cairo since September 2005. She is primarily engaged in the field of refugee law and migration policy, with a focus on the intersection of gender and migration.

Articles by this Author
Losing Hope in Iran and Egypt

The decision to leave your country, especially when you leave for political or ideological reasons, can be gut-wrenching. My parents made that decision for me when they left Iran in my early adolescence. Unlike some Iranians forced to flee, my...

Women's Rights Activists Between State Violence and Intervention

The November 15 attack on an armored car transporting Shukria Barakzai, a women...

Letter from Ellinikon

On a bright and sunny day in early April, outside a terminal at what was once the Ellinikon International Airport in Athens, I listened as Javad, 16, told the story of the second refugee flight of his life. Javad (not his real name) is a member...